Anita Blake

Race: Human

Titles: Animator, Necromancer, Lupa of the Thronnos Rokke Clan, Nimir-Ra to the Blooddrinkers Pard, The Executioner

Description: She is petite, approximately 5'3", with curling black hair and dark eyes betraying her latin heritage against pale germanic skin.

Likes: Stuffed toy penguins, real coffee preferably in a mug with a smart ass quote on it, pissing off her boss bert and her increasing arsenal of weapons.

Dislikes: Thigh holsters, liars, vampire politics, people who think she is cute and do not take her seriously, Jean Claude's nickname for her:" ma petite", anyone who harms her "friends", becoming less human , weakness, casual sex and men who want to play "white knight" to her.


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