Race: Lamia
Description: Her legs are long and pale, but promise to tan if she were to ever be in the sunlight. Her black hair is thick and falls to below her waist with eyes that are golden surrounding slitted pupils. When not retracted her fags show below her lips and her tougue is forked.

Melanie is a lamia which is a shapeshifter of a sort, as she can change into a snake. Her fangs are retractable and rest against the roof of her mouth. Supposedly she is the last of her kind, and the property of Oliver. Without Oliver's knowledge, she tried to breed. She had a mate, Raju. She also made some other lamia-types. Anita nicknamed two of them, Smiley and Blondie. The third man is Ronald and he is Melanie's preferred companion outside. Once Oliver and Alejandro were killed, Jean-Claude took her and got her green card so that she could work for him at the Circus of the Damned.