Magnus Bouvier
Race: Fey, Homo arcanus
Court: Unseelie
Description: His hair falls to his waist like thick chesnut-colored water, with blue-green eyes. He is dark and lovely and androgynous as a cat with a surprising deep voice.

Llyn Bouvier was a french fur trapper who came to this country about 300 years ago who married into a local trbe of indians and Christianized them. His many-times over great grandmother was the daughter of a shaman. They were Magnus and Dorrie's ancestors. He and Dorrie both own Bloody Bones, a bar and grill located in Branson, Missouri. Magnus uses glamour on his customers at Bloody Bones, his bar and grill on Friday nights, which is also called lover's night. Magnus immediately knows that Anita is powerful after he touches her. He gets her to admit that she is a necromancer. She in turn figures out that he is fey, accusing him of being unseelie court, which he denies. Anita later learns that Magnus feeds off his customers when he uses glamour on them, which is considered unseelie court. Magnus has drunk the blood of Bloody Bones, thus allowing Serephina to call him and drink his blood in turn. Magnus tied himself to Bloody Bones, making it mortal while he gained power and immortaility. He has been doing it since a teenager. When Bloody Bones was released from Seraphina's control, he attacked her first, then he attacked Magnus, trying to kill both of them. Anita killed it before it could finish the job. Magnus was made to stand guard over Anita when Serephina defeated Jean-Claude and put Anita under her power, since she had no marks to protect her any more. When Anita tried to escape, he tried to stop her. Anita used her necromancy to call Ellie from her sleep, since all the vampires were sleeping during the day. Ellie was forced to grab Magnus' legs while he tried to run outside after Anita. The sun's light set Ellie on fire, which burned Magnus. When the police arrived, only his upper torso remained. His lower torso was burnt to a crisp.