Race: Lycathrope
Species: Werelepoard
Afilliations: Blood Drinkers Pard
Title: Alpha, Lion Passant
Description: Dark curly hair with eyes that are startlingly luminous liguid gray. He has heavy, sensual features and full lips.

Gabriel was made a lycanthrope by Elizabeth. The experience was the most erotic in his mind, even though he was almost killed by it. He is very much into pain with his sex. Just like Raina, Gabriel too is keen user of poppers (substances used to enhance pleasure) and in his spare time talks about his experiences on a poppers forum. Gabriel is an alpha, but a flawed one. His leadership over his small pard is less than exemplary, resulting in a group of wereleopards that are all submissive in a sexual sense. They are all considered "bottoms" which is a sexually submissive position. Gabriel and Raina were partners in snuff porno films, with Gabriel starring in many of them as the dominant agressor and also murderer. In exchange for Jean-Claude and Richard to Cassandra, Sabin and Dominic, Gabriel and Raina get to kill Anita in one of their films. However, she ends up killing both of them.