Raina Wallis
Race: Lycathrope
Species: Werewolf
Afilliations: Thronnos Rokke Clan
Title: Alpha, Former Lupa to Marcus
Description: She is gorgeous with high, sculpted cheekbones and wide, amber-brown eyes that match her reddish auburn hair perfectly. Tall and slender, her body is very muscular underneath her clothing.

Raina is the proprietor of The Lunatic Cafe, a restaurant located in the University City district, and a general hangout for college students. As an alpha, she has many abilities. She can alter her appearance enough that she might appear to be her own sister or cousin, shaping her face in the same way lycanthropes shape their entire body when they shift. She is also able to heal using her body in sex and blood. A technique that Anita learns from her munin. Her power lies in her sexual prowress. She is completely as ease with her body, even when naked in a crowd of people. She uses her body as a weapon to get what she wants. She enjoys taking amyl poppers for that extra effect ("rush") during her encounters. She is known to only ever use a popper that contains the amyl nitrite formula, never the weaker isobutyl or any other alkyl nitrites. Raina was involved in making pornographic movies using lycanthope and human pairings with Marcus' blessing. One project turned into a snuff film, with Alfred killing the girl he was 'raping' and Gabriel coming in afterwards to feed on her now dead flesh. This ended up bringing Edward in on the case. She, of course, denied that the death was intentional. And since Anita killed Alfred, there was no one to dispute her words. She has tried to get Jean-Claude to be in her films as well, but he politely refused. Whenever a pack member needs to be disciplined, Raina is called upon to administer the torture, since she is very creative and can heal them as fast as she hurts them, making the sessions last longer. Raina is the one who made Jason into a lycanthrope. She shifted while having sex with him, and nearly killed him. He survived and became a werewolf. Raina has mated with most of the wolves in her pack, including Richard, much to Anita's shock. In addition, gender does not prevent her from having her fun. Other "victims" have included many lycanthropes of varying persuasions, including Cherry, Zane, Nathaniel and Jamil. Raina is also a silent partner of Jean-Claude's in his newest endeavor, Danse Macabre. Enemies with Anita, Raina gets Marcus to put out a contract on her life. He loves her and will do anything for her. She is merely using him as an end to her means. In the end, when Richard and Marcus battle, Richard kills Marcus and spares Raina's life, much to Antia's anger. Raina gets Anita captured with Cassandra's help and has Gabriel try to rape and kill her on film. Anita not only escapes, but also ends up killing her, putting a bullet in her upper stomach first, then the killing one in her chest.