Marcus Fletcher
Race: Lycathrope
Species: Werewolf
Title: Alpha, Former Ulfric, Thronnos Rokke Clan
Description: No taller than 5'7", Marcus has blond hair with brown highlights, short but styled and blowdried. His face is cleanshaven, square-jawed, with a dimple in his chin and thin lips.

Marcus is a brain surgeon, and his identity as a lycanthrope is hidden. Raina, his lupa, acts as the more open lycanthrope, since she can alter her face and hide her identity. Marcus was attempting to unite all the lycanthropes under one rule - his. However, most of the other lycanthropes did not appreciate his efforts and in fact opposed them. He does not inspire others to follow like Richard does. Although Marcus was Ulfric and an alpha, he could not feed the pack by offering his blood, like Raina and Richard can. His bodyguard was Alfred and, goaded by Raina's comments as well as the other lycanthropes, he forced him to try to disarm Anita when she had her Firestar out during the meeting. Alfred was killed, of course. Richard has fought Marcus twice for dominance and won, but didn't kill him. Another triumverate, Sabin, Dominic and Cassandra, wanted Anita killed. So Marcus, put out a contract for Anita's life for them and also in the hopes that if she were dead, it would distract Richard enough during the next dominance fight. The plan failed and pushed Richard to challenge him at the lupanar, this time resulting in Marcus' death and Richard claiming the tilte Ulfric for the Thronnas Rokke Clan.