"Nathaniel managed to be childlike, catlike and still be an adult. You didn't know whether to pat him on the head, rub his belly, or kiss him."

Race: Lycathrope
Species: Werelepoard
Afilliations: Blood Drinkers Pard
Title: Pomme de Sangue
Description: He is pretty, rather than handsome, with waist length hair of the darkest auburn, not brown but more like a rich dark mahogany. He stands about 5'6" with a slender jaw and very wide shoulders. His eyes are an unusual shade of lilac.

Nathaniel is a stripper at Guilty Pleasures. When Gabriel was alive, he used to pimp Nathaniel out because the young man was a perfect submissive. Being a lycanthrope, he could take large amounts of pain, and he tended not to fight back, even when he was being hurt very badly. Nathaniel is incapable of living on his own because he has been trained to be so dependant. So Anita is paying for his apartment so that he doesn't have to turn tricks anymore to make ends meet. He isn't good with money. Nathaniel is the youngest in Anita's pard, only about nineteen. Sometimes he wears a silver clasp in his hair, allowing it to rest against his neck because he enjoys the burning pain.

In Myerton, Nathaniel went off with Mira because she was going to be a top for him. However, she betrayed him and he was poisoned by Colin's vampires instead. Anita had to use Asher and Damian to heal him, almost losing Damian as well.

Nathaniel was shot with two silver bullets by the FBI by mistake and was dying. Anita called the munin and used the marks to gain Richard and Jean-Claude's power. She not only healed him, but also every lycanthrope in the vicinity with the backwash of pleasure.